August 11, 2017

Will I Need a Dad Mobile?

Life is about to step up a gear as Sarah and I welcome a little baby into our home. How things will be different I am yet to learn but in the words of Sam Cooke ‘a change is gonna come’.

I know at some point I need to hide the plug sockets in the house so the baby doesn’t stick a fork in there, anything with a corner can be considered more dangerous than a nail bomb and things small enough to be swallowed needs to be kept well out of harms way. Unlike that time I swallowed a part of a kinder egg toy and the doctors advice was to ‘drink milk’! I suppose I’ve never seen a cat choke, but they do have 9 lives. I’m only working with 1.

I know the baby is going to need a pram as well, but I was wondering if I would need new transport.

All my friends seem to have upgraded to a more family friendly vehicle. Long gone are the high performance and fuel drinking speed machines. They have all been traded in for a small bus like vehicle with lots of space for ‘kids stuff’, in a shade of beige and seems to collect more food crumbs in the footwells than a cinema floor.

As long as it holds a child seat safely I suppose that’s all that should really matter. However, I will need to fit in a pram, toys, shopping and enough nappies for a change every 30 seconds (of which I am hopping to get down to a fine art like an F1 team changing a tyre at Silverstone).

Perhaps I could always get a camper van. If I customise the back of the van and fit it with a changing table, a jumparoo, fully insulate it with bubble wrap to make it super safe and some food supplies for a spontaneous road trip then I might even have something I can take to market and sell.

Most people seem to manage with the car they have. I do like the idea of driving around in a Citroen Picasso doing school runs, shopping trips and the occasional drive around the moors on a Sunday afternoon to tire everyone out before heading home for a roast dinner.

As it stands I’m not in any hurry to trade the car in just yet. I’ll carry on with the one I have unless it retires on me first. I don’t think our baby will have a preference for a while. Once she can talk I’m sure Teslas will be cheap enough everyone will have an electric car.

Might try and get a Delorean and then I can use it to travel back in time to get more sleep.


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