July 4, 2017

We are having a baby girl (I hope)

We couldn’t wait to find out if we are having a baby boy or a baby girl. We know it’s a baby, we have got that far. We have thinking about nursery ideas since day one and the colour scheme has been up in the air due to not knowing the babies sex.  We could have gone down the green or yellow route but the truth is Sarah was itching to buy clothes for the baby and knowing what we were having would make things a lot easier. I suppose we could have just had black. Everything goes with black and we could have had a little goth baby.

Black is unisex, right?

Black is unisex, right?

To find out the sex as early as 17 weeks we needed to go private and found a place in Exeter called Window to the Womb and the experience was amazing. The people were so lovely there you need to check them out: (that’s not an affiliate link by the way). Loads of Sarahs friends had suggested we go there so we thought we’d give it a go. With a 99% accuracy rate it’s a good start. Micheal Phelps (the Gold medal winning oplympic swimmer) only has a success rate of 76%! I’m sure there’s a joke in there about my little swimmers!

Back to the venue. The place is laid out like a doctors surgery but doesn’t smell clinical and is void of that tense atmosphere you can expect in a waiting room. Plus there isn’t the faint wailing of a drill in the background and people are actually happy to be there.

Once we are settled in we are ushered into a room with three women, 5 chairs, 1 reclining chair/bed, 3 widescreen TVs and what I presume is a baby scanning machine. It’s much smaller than the command controls for the Starship enterprise but is still capable of going to a place where no man has been before! See what I did there?

Premier of Sarahs Pregnancy

Premier of Sarahs Pregnancy

Sarah gets on the reclined chair as everyone else in the room sits down and stares at a screen as though it was the premier of the latest Jurassic park film. Should have brought popcorn with me.

Once the machine fires up it starts to look something more like Alien. 

Just like the other scans it was black and white and looked like something from another planet. Glimpses of what could have been an arm or a snake devouring a small donkey flash up on the screen but it disappears as quickly as it appeared. The team narrate what we are seeing on the screen to help us identify the images popping up before us. ‘That’s the babies heartbeat’ said the nurse as we stare at this little thing pulsing on the screen. That’s when I realise I’m happy with a little boy or a girl. As long it’s a healthy baby. I know that’s such a cliche but it’s true. no one wants a baby with three arms. Buying clothes would be a nightmare. At least we know we aren’t giving birth to one of the elephant mans decedents. Sarah would have some explaining to do.

As the team use the hand held scanner to look inside Sarah it occurs to me they seem to be a bit rough. With pressure only used on the most stubborn creases when ironing a shirt I can see the discomfort on Sarahs’ face. I squeeze her hand to let her know I’m not far away and look up to the screens. After a lot of prodding of Sarah and us watching the screens for about 5 minutes one of the screen operators turns to the other and looks for confirmation of the gender they expect it to be. They nod in agreement and then announce that Sarah is carrying a little girl. Every face in the room lights up and Sarah squeezes my hand and there is a smile beaming from ear to ear on both of our faces.

Very happy indeed.

Sarah is allowed to sit up and propose herself before heading outside. We are given 4 photos of the baby who is now the size of an avocado and when I hear that I visualise this…

My Baby was compared to an avocado

My Baby was compared to an avocado

Try not to think about a Ninji Turtle when you see that picture of my unborn child.

We are given the pictures, some documents and a big ‘congratulations’ and sent on our way.

Off we go to the shops. Wandering around from one clothes shop to another looking for women’s clothes. Just like any other shopping trip with Sarah except the person we are buying for isn’t even part of the human race yet. On the plus side I don’t have to spend my time in the lingerie section of each shop (which is where the changing rooms are always situated) with  a load of other men waiting for their partners staring at the ground trying not to make eye contact with anyone.

We bought loads of stuff, dresses, toys, blankets, muslins, things to help her sleep and shoes!!!


It’s going to be a female alright! I don’t think she even has toes yet but she has shoes. Actually not having toes means now might be the best time to buy her some high heels.

We put the announcement online in the evening and our friends couldn’t have been any nicer or more supportive. We are so lucky to have so many good friends which I can’t wait to introduce our little baby to.

How we announced we are having a little girl

How we announced we are having a little girl

Baby Girl Scan

Baby Girl Scan

Baby Girl Scan picture 2

Baby Girl Scan picture 2

As you might or might not be able to see from the pictures the baby is all well. She seems pretty content inside Sarah and doesn’t seem to be too bothered about her cramped living conditions. I’m sure she’ll object if squatters try and move in but I consider that to be low risk so we aren’t too worried about that.

Then next thing for us is making a list of all the things we need. From what a remember from my nephews as babies, we need:

  1. An endless supply of nappies
  2. A shit load of wet wipes
  3. 2000 blankets to catch drool
  4. A new outfit every 20 minutes or so

I’m sure that’s it. If there is anything else be sure to let me know. Otherwise I’ll wing it or she can spend a lot of her time playing in the bath! Easy clean up! Nice.

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