July 6, 2017

The Pram – your babies first mode of transport

The Pram - Your babies first mode of transport

Picking a pram for a newborn is like choosing your first car. You want something stylish, fast and eye catching.

We already have a pram in mind. When I say ‘we’ I mean Sarah. Bear in mind at the time Sarah knew what pram she wanted we had only found out 3 weeks before we were pregnant.

We didn’t wait the full 12 weeks before telling people. In all honesty I’m very excited (hence the blog documenting everything). Not sure I’ll get away with videoing the birth live though. I’ll keep you posted. That was a joke. I’m not about to follow the footsteps of Josie Cunningham (shudder).

So Sarah knows what pram she wants, my parents know what pram they want and I have no idea what’s going on. I’d like to get something which transforms into something which I myself can use as transport and comes with wifi built in, a phone charger, biscuit dispenser, wet wipe holder, remote control with ‘rocking the baby to sleep’ settings, and a fully stocked built in mini fridge. However, we need something ‘practical’ and knowing Sarah, something stylish!

She has a colour scheme in mind as well as a brand and I am just going along with the flow. I think something modern would be

The rock lifting an old school pram

This has been photoshopped. Even the Rock can’t life those old prams.

good. Whats the point of ignoring all of these technological advances and opting for a cast iron pram like they had in the 60s? My parents are more old school though and like the traditional. That’s fine but I don’t want to be lifting half a tonne of steel in and out of the car three times a day.

We’ll also end up getting new. I’m sure you could buy second hand as I don’t think babies will stay in the prams very long. Are there any risks associated with buying second hand? Will they catch a lurgy? I wouldn’t opt for a second hand car seat or anything, but with a pram I doubt they have been in any high impact collisions at any great speed.

The prams each seem to fold, disconnect, adapt, collapse, attach, and plug in to all kinds of situations. They are more complex than my car and comes with more attachments than Batmans Belt!

They all look simple enough to use (not simple enough for a toddler luckily). I’m sure I’ll get the hang of whatever it is I need to do. I assume they;ll come with instructions. Yet I’ll choose not to refer to them unless I come across a problem. A man uses instructions like he uses a map, as a last resort.

As for things like do I need big wheels or little wheels? Does it need to be aerodynamic? How heavy is it? Will it fit in the boot? How does it collapse and does it come with a phone charger? How long to go from 0-60mph?

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