May 12, 2017

Researching Having a Baby

Researching having a baby

So I have been scouring the internet looking for information on babies, bringing up children and parenting and there is a A LOT. Not sure where to start researching having a baby at the moment to be honest. There is a lot on how to make a baby, but that’s something I don’t need to explore!!

I understand a lot of the basics which are common sense. Things like:

  • Be tolerant of the other half and help out more.
  • Don’t jump out and scare her just because you find it funny (no one wants a baby too soon).
  • There very well may be sickness so hold her hair back and look after her.
  • The baby brain might kick in so be more organised.
  • Get all the sleep you can now
  • Don’t rush out and start buying Nerf guns.
  • Offer suggestions in to what things to buy the baby.
  • Come up with funny names might seem like a good idea at the time but sooner or later you’ll be told off for not taking things seriously.

So anyway back to the information hunt. I’ve narrowed it down to people with qualifications rather than rambling new comers like myself. I’ve separated those that have kids from those who don’t. And tried to select bestselling authors with good feedback on their books.

At this stage I’m still over whelmed.

I suppose what I’m asking is what books would you recommend? and have you got any sites worth checking out.

Leave any comments below I’ll have a look when I start seeing any feedback.

Thanks in advance

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