July 29, 2017

Pregnancy: 20 weeks in

So there we were sat in the waiting room to go in for our next scan and it was manic in there. I’d never seen so many people waiting to be seen. It was like A and E on a Friday night but with a few less drunkards.

Everyone seems to have brought along their entire family for their scan. Brothers, sisters, cousins, uncles, aunties, mums, dads and the bloke everyone knows that you have to call uncle but isn’t a real uncle.

So we sat and waited and it was hot. Like, greenhouse hot. I now know how tomatoes feel. The longer I sat there the bigger and redder I was getting.

The lady in the reception (think she was called Sarah) couldn’t have been apologetic enough for the waiting. She did keep us up to date with what was going on so that helped a lot.

More staff like her please.

We were eventually called in for our scan and we headed towards our darkroom with the token for a picture in our hand. The token still cost £5. Still, not a discount for buying one each time.

Sarah climbed onto the bed and resumed the usual position. The scan operator (another scanner we had never seen before) got out the wand and started to poke and push Sarah around. This was the scan where we would find out what sex the baby was according to the NHS. Easier said than done. The woman seemed to be trying to knead Sarah’s belly into a loaf of bread. I assumed she knew what she was doing but it was like watching an American wrestler trying to punch a lump of Playdough into submission. I really felt for Sarah.

After about 20 minutes of the woman rolling the scan wand around every inch of Sarah and trying to flatten her like you do with pastry when making a pie lid, we were getting a bit impatient.

The nurse said, “it’s hard to tell what it is” then Sarah said “We’ve been told it’s a girl” then the woman jumps on the bandwagon and says “Yeah, it’s a girl”.

WOAH!! You JUST THAT SECOND identified the baby?

You sure your latest discovery didn’t come from any outside influence, like when Sarah said “a girl”?

I’m sure if we told her we’d been told it was a monkey playing a Nintendo Gameboy then that’s what we would have been expecting according to her.

Original Image found here

Sarah’s sister was told she was having a girl and she gave birth to a boy. Imagine that. First day in the world as a male and your forced to dress like a Disney princess because they were too impatient to do the scan thoroughly and you’d prepared for a girl.

We got another scan picture and by far it was the worse one yet. There was nothing that could be identified. It was as clear as looking across a dark room, with no lights, wearing sun glasses, after being poked in the eye by a stick.

If I could leave a review it would not be good.

‘Felt rush because it seemed like the scanner wanted to be somewhere else.’

Researching 20 Weeks

As we had our 20 week scan I did my research to find out what to expect at 20 weeks of being pregnant.

This week the baby will mainly be ‘laying on fat’. That’s my girl. Apparently that’s something all babies do and is not down to the parent’s genetics. This is why they come out looking all chubby (so we won’t blame all of the pizzas then).

They now have eyebrows and eyelids, which will make blinking a lot easier and pretending to be asleep when you don’t want to do anything. At this stage they will also have developed taste buds. Guess those eyebrows will come in handy for that ‘what the hell was that I just tasted’ look.

I have done some research on anti natal classes and are all booked in. It will be good to learn about what drugs you can have when the mum is in labour.

Someone also suggested Hypnobreathing. I haven’t done any research on that yet but it sounds interesting. Have you had any experience with it and did it work for you?

Anyway need to get back to it. Any comments please feel free to leave any feedback below.

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