Will I Need a Dad Mobile?

Life is about to step up a gear as Sarah and I welcome a little baby into our home. How things will be different I am yet to learn but in the words of Sam Cooke ‘a change is gonna come’. I know at some point I need to hide the plug sockets in the […]

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Pregnancy: 20 weeks in

So there we were sat in the waiting room to go in for our next scan and it was manic in there. I’d never seen so many people waiting to be seen. It was like A and E on a Friday night but with a few less drunkards. Everyone seems to have brought along their […]

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The Pram – your babies first mode of transport

The Pram - Your babies first mode of transport

Picking a pram for a newborn is like choosing your first car. You want something stylish, fast and eye catching. We already have a pram in mind. When I say ‘we’ I mean Sarah. Bear in mind at the time Sarah knew what pram she wanted we had only found out 3 weeks before we were […]

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We are having a baby girl (I hope)

We couldn’t wait to find out if we are having a baby boy or a baby girl. We know it’s a baby, we have got that far. We have thinking about nursery ideas since day one and the colour scheme has been up in the air due to not knowing the babies sex.  We could […]

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Goodbye Spare Room, Hello Nursery

Goodbye Spare Room Hello Nursery

I suppose there comes a time in any parents life when the spare room (once known as the dumping ground for all that stuff you were going to sell, or the room mates stayed in after a night out) needs to be rearranged and made into a room for the families newest addition and become […]

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Stevie Wonder lives with us

Stevie Wonder Stacks our Dishwasher

It’s true. Stevie Wonder lives with us. “Little Stevie” Wonder is in the house. Our House. I haven’t seen him yet though. He moved in around the same time as Sarah. How do I know he’s here? He seems to stack the dishwasher when I’m out of the room! If you are wondering about the […]

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Is baby brain contagious?


We have all heard of the notorious ‘baby brain’. Women have been using it as an excuse for generations to cover up mistakes, things they have forgotten and daft things they’ve said since we the human race mastered language. But it seems now that Sarah is expecting, not only is she suffering from it, but […]

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Choosing a baby name

Choosing a baby Name

Having a baby is a an exciting time, especially if you have planned for one. Now you get to choose a baby name. One thing you do have control over. There is a lot to think about when having a baby, and probably a lot I won’t think about until faced with that challenge, but […]

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