Monthly Archives: June 2017

Stevie Wonder lives with us

Stevie Wonder Stacks our Dishwasher

It’s true. Stevie Wonder lives with us. “Little Stevie” Wonder is in the house. Our House. I haven’t seen him yet though. He moved in around the same time as Sarah. How do I know he’s here? He seems to stack the dishwasher when I’m out of the room! If […]

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Is baby brain contagious?


We have all heard of the notorious ‘baby brain’. Women have been using it as an excuse for generations to cover up mistakes, things they have forgotten and daft things they’ve said since we the human race mastered language. But it seems now that Sarah is expecting, not only is […]

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Choosing a baby name

Choosing a baby Name

Having a baby is a an exciting time, especially if you have planned for one. Now you get to choose a baby name. One thing you do have control over. There is a lot to think about when having a baby, and probably a lot I won’t think about until […]

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It’s a baby (everyone knows)

it's a baby

Yesterday (June 1st) we went to the hospital for a scan. It was the 12 week scan and they check the growth of the baby and make sure all is going to plan inside mum to be. Sat in the waiting room I watched people come and go and the […]

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